No big fish story here - this is the one that didn't get away!   A collaborative effort with results measured in big dollars, big impact on the bottom line, or big changes in operational policy, this is an investigation that is noteworthy for making an impact and making a difference.  

The Investigation of the Year is about the case, and the whole case - but not "nothing but the case", because this category is intended to recognize the people, the process and the result, which may include the effect the investigation had on others, on the community, and on the industry.  To be eligible for nomination, the investigation must have concluded or culminated to the point of prosecution, during the calendar year of the award nomination.   The investigation is eligible for nomination by anyone that was involved with it, or that has public, or intimate, knowledge of the specific case details.  

We do ask that you please keep the details to a high level, referencing only information that is known publicly, and that you are sensitive to not share any information that is restricted, confidential, or otherwise classified.

To recognize a specific individual as a consistent performer when it comes to investigations, please consider nominating under the Investigator of the Year category.  


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how to vote:

While Nominations are open, voting is currently closed.
Voting for the FMI AP Rising Star will open mid April.
All other categories will open for voting in late April 2024.

Check back for more details once the finalists are selected and posted.