The Law Enforcement Partner of the Year is someone who is more than an exemplary member of their department, but a true partner with the retail community to make a difference, and an impact, on retail crime.  They go above and beyond to support the fight against shoplifting, ORC and fraud.    They are making a positive impact in the lives of others and leading by example, whether through successful times, times of change, or times of adversity.

The Law Enforcement Partner of the Year category is intended to recognize outstanding performance by an individual, worthy of recognition during a specific year. To be eligible for nomination, the Law Enforcement Partner must currently be, or must have been, in the role for which they are being nominated, for some or all of the calendar year of nomination. Individuals must be nominated by someone other than themselves.

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Law Enforcement Partner of the Year Finalist #1:      Willie Caswell, HSI

Here's what people are saying about Willie:

SA Carswell had been instrumental in the successful identification, investigation, disruption, and dismantling of major criminal organizations in the Carolinas. Some recent case examples are Operation King of the Mountain (2023) and Operation Brick by Brick (2024). In addition to the arrest and successful prosecution of transnational ORC groups, including level two and three 'fences'. SA Carswell has promoted the inception of the Charlotte area retail Task Force comprised of all area retail investigators and businesses. This has led to communication and collaboration resulting in significantly faster case closure rates and the ability to leverage resources from multiple retail partners. SA Carswell has also been vital in the inclusion of the NC Fusion Center and law enforcement agents from all of North Carolina, including SBI. SA Carswell has unmatched enthusiasm and leads from the front and prefers to also lead from the field. SA Carswell epitomizes successful partnerships in law enforcement and proactive engagement in ORC investigations.
Law Enforcement Partner of the Year Finalist #2:      County Attorney Rachel Mitchell
Here's what people are saying about Rachel:

It is with great pride and admiration that I nominate Ms. Mitchell, the esteemed County Attorney for Maricopa County in Arizona, for her exceptional dedication to combating retail crime, particularly at Walgreens Stores. Ms. Mitchell's proactive stance and unwavering commitment to addressing organized retail crime (ORC) have left an indelible mark on our store and its team members. Following her tours of our establishment, Ms. Mitchell took decisive action, spearheading the formation of the Maricopa County task force against ORC. This initiative, born out of her firsthand observations and insights, reflects her tireless advocacy for community safety. In 2024, during her visit to our store, Ms. Mitchell displayed remarkable personal investment by not only sharing her personal cell phone number with our store manager but also following up promptly to inquire about ongoing challenges, particularly concerning incidents of shoplifting. Her swift response and collaboration with law enforcement resulted in the apprehension of repeat offenders, ensuring justice was served and our store's security was upheld. Additionally, Ms. Mitchell's advocacy extended beyond individual incidents, as she actively engaged with APM Schexnayder, inviting her to participate in press conferences on ORC and advocating for their representation on the Maricopa County Business Advisory committee. Her inclusive approach underscores her commitment to fostering collaboration between public and private sectors to address community concerns comprehensively. Moreover, Ms. Mitchell's genuine concern for our store's well-being was exemplified by her personal visits for Christmas shopping and her continued dialogue about her neighborhood Walgreens. Her actions have not only bolstered the morale of our team but also fostered a sense of security, knowing that a figure as influential as the County Attorney is invested in our safety and well-being. In APM Schexnayder's extensive tenure with Walgreens, such proactive engagement from a County Attorney has been unprecedented. Ms. Mitchell's active approach, personal involvement, and unwavering dedication have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on our store and its team, reinforcing a culture of safety, empowerment, and community partnership. In conclusion, Ms. Mitchell's exemplary support for Walgreens Stores embodies a profound commitment to justice, safety, and community well-being, deserving of the highest recognition and appreciation.
Law Enforcement Partner of the Year Finalist #3:      Dan Purcell, Stafford County Sheriff's Office
Here's what people are saying about Dan:
1st Sergeant Purcell of the Stafford County Sheriff's Office has provided critical support to multiple investigations last year. In addition to routinely visiting our stores with his Special Problems Unit and helping our Assets Protection leaders not only investigate cases but solve them as well, 1st Sgt. Purcell is the lead local investigator on two Homeland Security Investigations cases that originated from Target stores in Northern Virginia. The first case involved a rampant cell of Apple Watches, iPads, and AirPods counterfeiters who were impacting Target stores all over the country. Once 1st Sergeant Purcell and his team were notified, he stationed his team at the local stores in anticipation of these subjects coming to our area.1st Sergeant Purcell's team was able to catch these subjects in the act, arrest four of them, impound two vehicles, and recover more than
$100,000 of merchandise from the vehicles. After more detailed investigation at the Target HQ level, it is anticipated that these subjects and their crime organization have impacted Target for approximately $1.5 million. This case is still currently being investigated and reviewed by federal prosecutors. The second case involved three subjects impacting the mid-Atlantic region for premium skincare products like La Roche and Vichy. Each incident propagated by these subjects totaled in the thousands, with some incidents nearing $20,000. Once the subjects were stopped on a traffic stop, 1st Sgt. Purcell was contacted by a Target AP leader. Purcell activated his team off duty, responded to the scene, investigated it, recovered thousands of dollars of merchandise, seized burglarious evidence, and charged all suspects with Virginia's new Organized Retail Crime law (18.2-103.1). Additionally, he partnered with the local prosecuting attorney to hold these subjects without bond, partnered with all impacted LE agencies to ensure charges were obtained, and stayed in constant contact with Target leadership. The total impact to Target alone was $100,000 in 3 months. Without 1st Sgt. Purcell and his team, these subjects not only would continue to be more prolific, but Target would not have realized the full scope of the theft activity.