An idea.  A widget. A gizmo. A platform.  Whatever it is, its actual impact, or its potential impact is undeniable.    This solution provider may have a history of ideas and innovation, or they may be the new kid on the block, but regardless, they have a kick-ass solution and it needs to be recognized.  

Maybe there is a great back story in the development of the idea through a retail partnership, or maybe this solution provider had the foresight to solve an industry problem and hedged their bet on its success.  The Solution Provider - Innovator category is intended to recognize that "something new", or maybe even that "something amazing" that offers a real contribution to your business, and/or to the industry at large.      To be eligible for nomination, the specific example of innovation must currently be, or have been, released to the industry within the last 24 months.    Solution Provider - Innovator nominations must be submitted by a retail client with first-hand knowledge of the solution's impact on retail performance or the bottom line.  

For those worthy of consideration as a leader in outstanding service and support, please consider nominating  under the Solution Provider - Partner category. 

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Solution Provider Innovator of the Year Finalist #1:    Good2Go

Here's what people are saying about Good2Go:

Good2Go should be considered as solution provider innovator of the year because its automated mobile access technology has radically changed the way retailers secure their restrooms, fitting rooms, and locked merchandise. The process is completely automated, taking the burden off of staff to manage these facilities. It works because staff can focus on their daily tasks and ensure great customer service, not refereeing keys and codes, dealing with call buttons, and handling security standoffs. As a result, labor costs are wisely invested in boosting sales, and your team is happier with reduced security escalations and other safety concerns.

Good2Go's success came from the frictionless customer experience. Its interface saves customers precious time that would otherwise be spent searching for or waiting on an employee. Its convenience is the magic that makes Good2Go good for everyone. In 2023 Good2Go provided 150,000 digital credentials at three Whole Foods Market locations. These stores went from continuous (in some cases daily) security escalations to little to zero security escalations or other safety incidents in their restrooms. They were able to reduce uniformed security by 25% and with significant reductions in hazmat, maintenance, and supply costs. In some cases locations saved more than $190K with Good2Go this year. Staff reported they felt safer at work and that their jobs were easier to accomplish, allowing them to focus on customer service and core responsibilities. In the long-term, businesses will save millions of in lost revenue due to shrink, vandalism, hazmat/cleaning costs, employee turnover, and lost customers. Good2Go's is exceptionally unique and innovative, and receiving this recognition would take the company one step closer to becoming the world's most trusted mobile access solution for every conceivable customer touch­ point.
Solution Provider Innovator of the Year Finalist #2: Sensormatic Solutions
Here's what people are saying about Sensormatic:

Sensormatic is a true partner for innovative solutions. From direct conversations and feedback from customers, Sensormatic Solutions launched its innovative Shrink Analyzer at NRF 2024. This cloud-based application is an inventory agnostic Saas solution designed to address concerns over merchandise loss events without adding friction to the in-store experience. Shrink Analyzer serves as the advanced data engine for a connected LP eco-system, ingesting, cleansing, aggregating, and analyzing item-level data across the retail enterprise and synchronized with Sensormatic RFID exits to provide a clear line of sight into what's contributing to losses in stores.

With item-level analytics, retailers can now get data-driven insights into the drivers of shrink, improve
ORC ring prosecution efforts using enhanced evidence packages, drive higher productivity for investigators and provide fast and accurate read-points for replenishment and omnichannel processes.

Additionally, Sensormatic Solutions showcased its new, sustainable SPX AM label, designed to reduce environmental impact and maintain precision loss prevention. The label is over 90% plastic-free and made from renewable, FSC-certified materials, fabricated using eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and shipped in recyclable packaging.
Solution Provider - Innovator of the Year Finalist #3:     Gatekeeper Systems
Here's what people are saying about Gatekeeper:
Gatekeeper Systems' Purchek technology is a groundbreaking innovation in loss prevention and retail security, setting new standards for operational efficiency and asset protection. As a leading solution in the industry, Purchek exemplifies Gatekeeper Systems' commitment to pioneering advanced technologies that address critical challenges in retail environments.
Purchek technology is designed to significantly reduce retail shrinkage by providing a comprehensive, intelligent cart containment system. This system seamlessly integrates with existing store infrastructure to monitor and control shopping carts, ensuring that merchandise is paid for before leaving the store premises. By leveraging advanced RFID technology, Purchek identifies and alerts store personnel to potential thefts, thereby preventing loss in real-time.
One of the key features of Purchek is its ability to combine real-time data analytics with robust physical security measures. The system not only deters theft but also collects valuable data on shopping patterns and cart movements, offering retailers actionable insights to enhance store layout and operational strategies. This dual functionality positions Purchek as a vital tool for both security and business intelligence.

Gatekeeper Systems' commitment to innovation is evident in Purchek's user-friendly design and seamless integration capabilities. The system is easy to install and operate, minimizing disruption to store operations while maximizing security effectiveness. Its adaptability to various store formats, from large supermarkets to smaller retail outlets, highlights its versatility and broad applicability.

By addressing the persistent issue of retail theft with a sophisticated and effective solution, Gatekeeper Systems' Purchek technology stands out as a leading innovation in the field. The system's ability to deliver significant cost savings, enhance operational efficiency, and provide valuable insights makes it a deserving candidate for the Solution Provider Innovator of the Year award. Gatekeeper Systems continues to set the benchmark for excellence in retail security through its innovative Purchek technology.